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The qualification for the MEVZA Innsbruck BeachEvent is done

The qualification for the MEVZA Innsbruck BeachEvent within the win2day Beach Volleyball Tour PRO is over. We congratulate the teams Vala/Havlin (CZE), Bercik/Ruml (CZE) and Stastny/Herman (CZE) to qualifying for the main event! We are especially happy to announce that another Austrian team made it into the main draw: welcome, Trauth/Mostböck (AUT).

Entry List completed

After the women, the men's 16-team grid is now complete, too. We are happy to see the following teams from seven nations playing at the MEVZA Innsbruck BeachEvent 2022.


The main draw will start tomorrow, Friday, at 9.00 a.m. The matches will be played on the center court at Innsbruck Marktplatz (ticket required) as well as on the side courts at the Beach-WG20. The last match at the center court is scheduled for 7.00 p.m. Afterwards the long beach day will end with a Sundowner Party at Innsbruck Marktplatz. You can find the programme and further information at

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